Tuesday, 26 March 2013

F1 week Melbourne 2013

Yep, lots of events during the week and weekend. Lots of parties in the buildings surrounding the track.
Jenson Button with Tag Heuer CEO J.C.Babin

Trackside view from Blackman hotel
Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve event- Blackman Hotel
Whiskey cocktails

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Massoni Bar, Melbourne

Went to Velco's birthday party at Massoni bar..

Classy bar.

Massoni label prosecco

Velco, the host

pic while waiting to get a beer

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Happy Palace, Melbourne


Nice features all over and cool music.
Food/snack menu and wines

Nice drink selection including Tiger on tap!! Stood around the bar.

Outdoor balcony views. On Burke st cnr Exhibition st.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Portsea - polo 2013

Nice day out in nature bordering Point Nepean National Park.

Marquees too! Relaxing start with cold Peroni and nibbles.

Jeep bar

Somes dishes were fresh off the bbq

Boss beach (marquee) - lush n luxury

Amuk Supersite up a notch, - Tommy from Amuk mens clothing

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Thailand December.

Pools, beaches, ruins, great street food, stall food, bars, music, beers, swimming, running. About $40-50 per day plus any drinks ($3 mostly). In nature everyday (except Bangkok), a ruddy good holiday.


Rai Leh beach

Phranang beach

Princess spirit cave

Ao Nang - J Mansion rooftop
$18/36 low/high season -J.Mansion
KweTeowNamGai- chicken noodle soup $1.50

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Singapore is excellent

I stayed in a Tree In Lodge for a night -was a $22 bed with a recycle depot where u can drop off stuff or pick up adapters raincoats cloths etc.Then i stayed in a hotel. Amazing food ($5) at hawker centres and went out to lots of lively bars and clubs. Very nice people, nice looking girls, great food and nice walks. $45/day plus not always pricey drinks. I think Zouk is one club i missed, has a mixed age crowd apparently too. Gotta spend more time in Sg!
Near Arab street, nice vibe and bars at night too.
At nearby Klang I had BahKuhTeh (herb tea soup meal), and baked chicken and Fanta.

Visited old world Raffles Hotel- historical and fun drinks.

Across from Raffles, before the launch started for Loof's new Thursday night. Great fun crowd, outdoor deck and indoor aircon booths.

Buddha Relic Temple. Every level was beautiful with a nice museum and bookshop. In Chinatown with lots of street stalls around.

Went to Marina Bay Sands for looking, eating and clubbing

Night falls quickly in the equator region. View from the top.

Pangaea club-early. Ok this is one place to hang all night. Concierge helped with entry.

Yep, Fullerton Bay Hotel. Great stay.

Beautiful designs - dining

Lush room

Lantern bar by the pool with views. ummm, try ladies night, lol. In fact follow the ladies nights which are common here.